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Wilayah Perak Selatan – a new growth area of Koridor Utara, the Northern Corridor Economic Region. It is situated in Perak, the second largest state of Malaysia. A vast area covering over one million acres of land, WPS consists of four interconnected nodes focusing on 15 Economic Catalyst Projects, in line with the key promoted sectors under Koridor Utara. Each node represents its own unique strength, with detailed development delineation offering businesses limitless possibilities.

With excellent connectivity and accessibility via road, rail and sea, WPS is the up and coming economic pulse of the northern region. It is the melting pot of skilled talent, converging in a dynamic business hub.

A comprehensive development, aligned with the aim to spur continuous growth in the state, WPS carries with it the vision to transform the economic landscape and elevate the living standards of the people.


“WPS is built on the spirit of inclusiveness and sustainability towards creating a high income state; providing jobs that would raise the living standards and income level of its people. This aspiration is the driver of economic growth planned for WPS, championing excellence and innovation for the business community.”

YAB Dato' Seri Diraja Dr Zambry Abd Kadir, Menteri Besar of Perak

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4 Nodes
BaganTanjung MalimTapahTeluk Intan
Node 1 Bagan Datuk


Key Sectors:
Heavy Industries


5 Economic Catalysts Projects
  • Perak Heavy Industrial Park (PHIP)
  • Logistic Hub
  • Bagan Datuk Water City (BDWC)
  • RESCOM (Research-Commercialisation project located within BDWC)
  • Palm Oil Industrial Cluster (POIC)
Node 2 Tanjung Malim


Key Sectors:


5 Economic Catalysts Projects
  • NXGV25 AutoCity
  • 1MYC (1 Malaysia Youth City)
  • Satellite City
  • Tanjung Malim Golf Resort
  • Ulu Slim Wellness Resort
Node 3 Tapah


Key Sectors:


2 Economic Catalysts Projects
  • New Township – Tapah Education City (TEC)
  • R&D Hub (Commercialisation) with SME Park
Node 4 Teluk Intan


Key Sectors:
Agro-based Industries


3 Economic Catalysts Projects
  • Palm Oil Bio Cluster
  • Organic Cluster (Plastics, Chemical, Rubber, Fertilisers)
  • Agro-based industries

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   Node 1
Bagan Datuk

Recently granted as the 12th district of Perak, Bagan Datuk is set to be the catalyst of WPS with the development of heavy industries, supported by sea gateway and logistics hub. Read More

   Node 2
Tanjung Malim

WPS is in the midst of positioning Tanjung Malim as the Southeast Asia leader in the next generation technology of Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV). Known as NXGV25, this ECP will create a dedicated living laboratory (test bed) for some of the world’s leading companies from the automotive, telecommunication, cybersecurity and technology industries to develop their CAV products and services in a dedicated cluster. Read More

   Node 3

Set to be a fully integrated education hub, housing selected faculties of universities and advanced skills colleges and educational institutions, Tapah is the perfect location to create light spirited intellectuals. Its catalyst development, Tapah Education City (TEC) is envisioned to act as a feeder of talent to support the various economic activities of the four nodes in WPS and beyond. Read More

   Node 4
Teluk Intan

Playing a key role in Malaysia’s position as the second largest producer of palm oil in the world, Teluk Intan is redefining its standing in traditional agriculture by employing higher value and spillover strategies in the cultivation and processing of oil palm. Read More


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Connecting You

To The World



Kuala Lumpur International Airport has the most extensive network in ASEAN, serving over 165 routes in ASEAN, with a worldwide connection to over 1,000 destinations.


With a network of 3 major highways and 2 major railroads, WPS offers investors more options for accessibility and connectivity.


WPS presents investors with an attractive proposition for growth and future expansion with its vast land area of over half a million hectare.

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