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Node 1 : Bagan Datuk – The Catalyst of WPS

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   Node 1 Bagan Datuk

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 The Catalyst of WPS


Perak Heavy Industrial Park (PHIP), the flagship development equipped with world class facilities & infrastructure

Bagan Datuk, the 12th district of Perak


Bagan Datuk Water City (BDWC), a 4,100 acres of development encompassing residential, commercial, recreational, educational and world-class tourism and hospitality facilities

Development of PHIP and BOWC - lead to expansion of logistics and infrastructure

Bagan Datuk is a town located about 45 km west from Teluk Intan, and in the southeast city of Ipoh, capital of Perak. Recently granted as the 12th district of Perak, Bagan Datuk is set to be the catalyst of WPS with the development of heavy industries, supported by sea gateway and logistics hub.

Leveraging on its geographical strength and the spillover from the logistics connectivity, Bagan Datuk demonstrates a strong capability and the capacity to support and grow the heavy industries, and to become the catalyst for growth in WPS.

Strategically located in the world’s busiest shipping routes, the developments in Bagan Datuk under its Economic Catalytic Projects will focus on the enhancement of facilities and amenities of the logistics hub.

  • A mega port offering porting services to capture transhipment activity along the Straits of Malacca and a maritime import-export gateway for the manufacturing activities;
  • Special Economic Cargo Trans-Shipment Zone for trans-shipment storage and distribution with special economic zone status for aggregation of goods across the region
  • Significant tank and bulking farm primarily serving the oil & gas and industries which require ultra large shipping service such as fertilizers, biomass, animal feedstock;
  • Mega electricity production to cater to the dedicated power requirement from the heavy industries in the node such as refineries and steel mills.

One of the key Economic Catalytic Projects within Bagan Datuk is the Perak Heavy Industrial Park (PHIP), the flagship development of Bagan Datuk which offers good accessibility for easy access and movement of goods. Designed to forge industrial partnerships with other parks in Malaysia creating a ready cluster, PHIP is set to be equipped with world-class facilities and infrastructure, efficient park management alongside impervious security control.

Complementing the heavy industries and the logistics hub is the new township of Bagan Datuk Water City, an immaculately planned township to cater to the demand of residential, commercial, recreational, educational and world-class tourism and hospitality facilities.

The development of PHIP and BDWC is set to lead to greater heights of connectivity and infrastructure development, key economic sector growth that boosts the state’s production level and its capabilit to attract large scale investments.


    Total Area :
    85,548.01 ha


    Built-Up Area:




    Forest Reserve:


    Water Bodies: