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5 Economic Catalyst Projects

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   Node 1 Bagan Datuk

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5 Economic Catalyst Projects
  •  Perak Heavy
    Industrial Park (PHIP)
  •  Bagan Datuk Water City
  •  Logistics Hub
  •  RESCOM (research-commercialisation
    project located within BDWC)
  •  Palm Oil
    Industrial Cluster (POIC)


Perak Heavy Industrial Park (PHIP)

Occupying almost 3,400 acres of reclaimed land nestled between Perak’s breathtaking natural landscapes, Perak Heavy Industrial Park (PHIP) integrated approach will create a synergistic business and industrial environment as well as sustainable community.

PHIP will be equipped with world-class facilities, efficient park management, excellent infrastructure along with security control. Investors, tenants and visitors can be assured of efficient and cost effective space solutions as well as ease of movement within the PHIP. With its rigorous standard of best business practices and environmental sustainability, PHIP offers investors the assurance of world class capability that can best meet long-term global market demand.


Bagan Datuk Water City (BDWC)

Bagan Datuk Water City is a new township with a structured development, positioning itself as the new economic growth area in South Perak Region. The 4,100 acres of development encompasses administrative townships, commercial areas and educational and information technology hubs, creating 30,000 jobs, whilst increasing the population to 80,000 people.

Among the first developments within BDWC is the government administrative centre, designed to support and propel development of various activity particularly in the area of commercial and residential. Fifteen government projects will be launched from the federal and state agencies including federal and district administrative complexes, centre for national service training programme, residential housing programme and a district mosque located in BDWC.

Subsequently, with the adjacent Perak Heavy Industrial Park set to be a catalyst for economic growth and development for Bagan Datuk Water City, an efficient transportation system will be implemented to accommodate for the higher traffic flow into the area.

Bagan Datuk Water City is envisioned to pave the way, in the expansion of logistics and infrastructure, hospitality and tourism within the state and its adjacent developments.


Logistics Hub

Bagan Datuk will flourish as a logistics hub with complete amenities and facilities to support industry activities:.

  • A mega port offering porting services to capture transhipment activity along the Straits of Malacca and a maritime import-export gateway for the manufacturing activities;
  • Special Economic Cargo Trans-Shipment Zone for trans-shipment storage and distribution with special economic zone status for aggregation of goods across the region
  • Significant tank and bulking farm primarily serving the oil & gas and industries which require ultra large shipping service such as fertilizers, biomass, animal feedstock;
  • Mega electricity production to cater to the dedicated power requirement from the heavy industries in the node such as refineries and steel mills.



A special research and commercialisation hub will focus on the growing the culture of locally developing commercially viable intellectual property and build an efficient incubation eco system that integrates finance, research, business strategy and market enablers.


Palm Oil Industrial Cluster

With a focused objective in the advancement of integrated palm oil refining & related downstream manufacturing, a palm oil industrial cluster will help increase Perak’s participation in leveraging Malaysia’s golden oil throughout the value chain. A substantial area will be dedicated to allow players establish upstream and downstream refiners that are then distribution/ transported by a specialised distribution system for foreign and domestic consumption.