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3 Economic Catalyst Projects

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   Node 4 Teluk Intan

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3 Economic Catalyst Projects
  •  Palm Oil Bio Cluster
  •  Organic Cluster
    (Plastics, Chemical, Rubber, Fertilisers)
  •  Agro-based industries


Palm Oil Bio Cluster

The palm oil bio cluster aims to develop the downstream sector of the palm oil industry, greatly expanding production of high value oleo derivatives, commercialisation of secondgeneration bio-fuel for power generation as well as expediting the growth of food and health-based products in the downstream sectors. Aligned with the national initiatives for palm oil bio cluster, this Economic Catalytic Project will focus on high value oleo derivatives, commercialise second generation bio-fuels and further expedite the growth in food and health-based downstream segments.


Organic Cluster (Plastics, Chemical, Rubber, Fertilisers)

The Organic cluster will delve into the chemicals such as organic and its other derivatives which are also a logical cluster extension given the upstream focus on palm oil and petroleum.

A dedicated park that will capitalize on 2 key priority sectors, Organic Chemicals and Other Chemicals, which also shares synergies with other sectors such as the palm oil and petroleum to supply both domestic and foreign demand.


Agro-based industries

Perak with its existing capability and experience in the agro-based industry has gained the competitive advantage to further develop on these know-how to enhance its contribution as the nation’s producer of agro-based commodities. .

Corresponding to the nation’s critical need for food security, Teluk Intan will be able to leverage on the synergy of mature sectors such as palm oil and natural rubber and apply similar technologies and processes for new upcoming sectors within the agro-based industry.

A food processing and manufacturing park will be developed to allow WPS to capture a large domestic and foreign market share, particularly leveraging on the proximity of the palm oil industrial cluster. The park will cater for the production of halal products which is in line with the Government’s aspirations of develop the local Halal market.