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On a land of abundant natural tropical beauty and rich history and culture, emerges an exciting development, poised to be the next leading regional economy in South East Asia.

Wilayah Perak Selatan – a new growth area of Koridor Utara, the Northern Corridor Economic Region. It is situated in Perak, the second largest state of Malaysia. A vast area covering over one million acres of land, WPS consists of four interconnected nodes focusing on five key sectors. Each node represents its own unique strength, with detailed development delineation offering businesses limitless possibilities. With excellent connectivity and accessibility via road, rail and sea, WPS is the up and coming economic pulse of the northern region. It is the melting pot of skilled talent, converging in a dynamic business hub. WPS is the vision of the future.

NXGV25 was identified as the Economic Catalyst Project (ECP) to position Tanjung Malim as Southeast Asia’s leader in Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) by creating a dedicated testbed using the existing township for international and local CAV players to perform rapid testing in hopes of having CAVs deployed in Malaysia by the year 2025.

Set to be a fully integrated education hub, housing selected faculties of universities and advanced skills colleges, technical and vocational institutions, Tapah is the perfect location to create light spirited intellectuals. Its catalyst development, Tapah Education City (TEC) is envisioned to act as a feeder of talent to support the various economic activities of the four nodes in WPS and beyond.