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Section Heading


Accessibility and connectivity for WPS reaches out not only to the major cities but also within the nodes to create a complementary and symbiotic eco-system further enhancing economic value.


  • The North-South Expressway: links Perak from Seberang Perai (North) to Hulu Selangor (South)
  • The West Coast Expressway (expected completion in 2020): connects Taiping in Perak to Banting in Selangor
  • The Proposed Bagan Datuk-Slim Expressway (BASE): will connect Slim River to Bagan Datuk
  • Road development within Hilir Perak and Bagan Datuk: connects the proposed heavy industries development to the neighbouring districts


  • West Coast Line: passes through major towns and industrial zones in Perak; connects Peninsular Malaysia and Thailand
  • Railway Development: under the South Perak Development Plan, a potential branch line will directly link to the proposed Perak Heavy IndustrialPark in Bagan Datuk




    KL to Bagan Datuk
    (upon completion of WCE)
    By car: 2 hours 30 min | 215km

  • Ipoh to Bagan Datuk
    By car: 2 hours | 151km

  • Bagan Datuk Water City
    to Perak Heavy Industrial Park
    By car: 15 min | 14km

  • Perak Heavy Industrial Park
    to Hutan Melintang
    By car: 18 min | 18km

  • Bagan Datuk Town
    to Bagan Datuk Water City
    By car: 10 min | 8km


    KL to Tanjung Malim
    By car: 45 min | 93.2km

  • Ipoh to Tanjung Malim
    By car: 1 hour 15 min | 119km

  • Bagan Datuk to Tanjung Malim
    By car: 2 hours | 126km

  • KL to Tapah
    By car: 1 hour 15 min | 150km


    Ipoh to Tapah
    By car: 52 min | 53.6km

  • Bagan Datuk to Tapah
    By car: 1 hour 35 min | 86.2km

  • Ipoh to Teluk Intan
    By car: 1 hour 37 min | 94.4km

  • Bagan Datuk to Teluk Intan
    By car: 52 min | 45.9km

  • KL to Teluk Intan
    By car: 10 min | 8km