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Led by a global minded agency with business philosophy based on integrity and commitment, WPS offers investors the willpower and flexibility a business would require.

Our team is ready to assist your needs to build and expand your business, right here at WPS. We are designed to promote WPS as a conducive business location, providing consultation and relevant information, which will help you in the planning stage of your business.

We also play the role of a facilitator in connecting businesses with the right partner to optimise investments whilst minimising risk. A structured pre & post investment service is in place, providing businesses the assurance of an end-to-end support.


  • Undertake broad-based and focused promotion of WPS to the general public and potential investors, both local and global.


  • Identify and develop strategies to enhance infrastructure and technology research in the development of WPS.


  • Provide consultation and information on investing in WPS.

Smart Partnership

  • Facilitate businesses with the right partner in optimizing investments and minimizing risk.

We work closely with federal and state bodies as well as the local authority also known as “pihak berkuasa tempatan” (PBT) to achieve optimum value that would benefit both the investors as well as its people.


Setting up in a new location is always risky. That is why we provide you with all the necessary information to ensure you take into account all aspects in coming to a decision.



Malaysia is known as one of the easiest countries for businesses to set up. With its clear guideline and policies, you can immediately start your application process through the relevant agencies or ministries.